Fabio Calefato
Fabio Calefato, Ph.D.
Assistant professor


Via Duomo, 259
74123 Taranto, Italy


Phone: +39 080 544 3261
Fax: +39 080 544 2031
Email: email

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Group Awards

  • 2011
    • The Microsoft Software Engineering Innovation award (MSEIF)
  • 2008
    • the 2008 IBM Faculty award
  • 2006
    • the 2006 IBM Eclipse Innovation award

Research Interests

  • Collaboration in software development
  • Social software engineering
  • Mining software repositories and technical Q&A sites
  • Emotion-mining in the social programmer ecosystem
  • Collaboration in online, creative communities
  • Social Media and Social Network Analysis
  • Computer-mediated communication theories and tools
  • Community-driven knowledge sharing
  • Frameworks

Research Projects

  • Establishing personal trust-based connections in distributed teams
    Trust is a factor that dramatically contributes to the success or failure of distributed software teams. We investigate how social communication between distant developers enables the affective appraisal of trustworthiness even from a distance, thus increasing project performance.
  • Success factors in online creative communities
    The project aims to identify the fundamental resemblances and differences between the open source software (OSS) communities and creative arts communities and propose solutions to improve the latter, building a better user experience and cohesion within the community that could lead to better artifacts.
  • A Hub-and-Spoke Model for Tool Integration in Distributed Development
    Today, an ever-growing plethora of development tools provide a continual stream of updates and place developers into a situation of channel overload and information fragmentation. This project defines a model for the loosely-coupled integration of development tools, which can help developers cope with these issues while also increasing their overall situational awareness.


  •  All active COLLAB Projects  (hosted on GitHub)
    • Under the spotlight
      • SO_reputation – A RESTful API for computing an approximate reputation score of Stack Overflow users at any time
      • Senti4SD – A sentiment-polarity classifier specifically trained on developers’ communication channels
      • Emo4SD – An emotion classifier of text containing technical content from the SE domain
      • EmoTXT – An emotion classifier of any kind of text
      • EMTk – A generic toolkit for training your own emotion and polarity classifiers on any textual corpus
  •  Discontinued projects 


  • Giuseppe Iaffaldano: PhD student working on collaboration success factors in online communities
  • Recent grads/undergrads (thesis in Italian):
    • Davide Primiceri, “Valutazione degli effetti del multitasking tra i progetti open source di GitHub”
    • Antonio Lategano, “Analisi della partecipazione in una online community”
    • Francesco Giustino, “Ricostruzione della reputazione in Stack Overflow”
    • Michele Lombardi, “Comunicazione integrata per DevOps: Il caso di TravisCI e Slack”


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