Microsoft Research Summit started today with more than 400 participants, including MS researchers and academics. Live Stream at
Other way to follow the event: #FacSumm.

Amazing session about Social Media: Analysis and Application.

This session addresses the study and use of social media. Social media have massively democratized the production and distribution of information, and as such are impacting virtually every aspect of our world, from politics and the economy to news and even crisis management. For scientists who want to study this phenomenon, social media represent a body of information that is real-time, largely text-based, semi-structured, highly diverse, and embedded in social structures. Thus, social media are of interest to a tremendous range of scientists, including ethnographers, sociologists, computer scientists, and computational linguists. This session will focus on techniques, application areas, and research opportunities in the social media domain.

After lunch break, a panel about Human Computation and Crowdsourcing.

In recent years, human computation and crowdsourcing have emerged as an important research area in computer science. Crowdsourcing uses human intelligence to solve tasks that computers cannot easily do alone. The work in this area encompasses investigations on different applications of crowdsourcing, best practices for crowdsourcing, and formal approaches for building more efficient and reliable crowdsourcing systems. Crowdsourcing research, which could result in easy and programmatic access to human intelligence, is of interest to a wide audience from different areas of computer science. In this session, leading researchers in crowdsourcing exchange information about recent developments and best practices, and discuss opportunities for future research.

Sci-fi mashups of SoundWave, Kinect, mobile phone and other sensors to blend physical and virtual interactions. This in the Tuesday keynote “Blending of Physical and Virtual Worlds: From Research to Reality” by Rick Rashid, chief research officer, Microsoft Research.

After afternoon break, the panel on Social Search
Social Search (panel)

Social search is an emerging research area that explores how social interactions and social data can enhance existing information-seeking experiences, as well as enable new information retrieval scenarios. This session will showcase different models of social search, including 1) the use of social data to augment search, 2) social data as new information to be searched, and 3) social interaction and collaboration as part of the search process.

MSR Faculty Summit 2012
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