Welcome to the Intersocial web site. Intersocial is a project financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme “Greece-Italy” 2007-2013.

In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented growth of social networking. The ever-increasing list of such networks include content sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr, social networking platforms such as Facebook and Myspace, blogs, web forums, social bookmarking sites such as Delicius and massive online message exchange such as Twitter.

The INTER-SOCIAL project aims at exploring social networking to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the region. Social networks offer new means and forums for world-wide product promotion as well as huge repositories of data for advanced market analysis and trend identification. In particular, the project aims at promoting advanced new technologies as related to the use of social networking to both (a) improve the web presence of SMEs and (b) use information provided by such sites for targeting advertisement and adaptive service provision.

The project will develop and deploy appropriate innovation devices (mechanisms, policies, software tools) to provide the following outputs: the deployment of social web locally adapted appropriately for specific SMEs, monitoring, archiving and analyzing social data, targeted online advertisement and product promotion through social networks and pilot use, move SMEs to highly efficient and effortless e-commerce.

Welcome to project Intersocial web site!

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