Enterprise Social Aggregator

Enterprise Social Aggregator (ESA) provides a aashboard for the management of SME’s profiles on online social networks on online social networks. Furthermore it offers analysis of aggregated data: information that a SME is directly posting and what customers say SME is directly posting and what customers say about the SME on social networks.



Soneta is a social networking tool for supporting SMEs social presence on Twitter. Searches on Twitter stream for tweets containing specific keywords posted from a specific location. Provides quantitative results of tweets per day and comparative results of top keywords on a daily basis. Access tweets stream containing important keywords.


Intersocial Monitoring Tool

INTERSOCIAL Monitoring is a Facebook and Twitter specific search engine, built upon Facebook’s and Twitter’s publicly available APIs, which are enabled to search for specific keywords/texts on the Timelines of Facebook and Twitter subscribers which they had denoted as being “Public”.