The ICGSE 2013 offers two tutorials, which will take place at the conference venue.


T1: Social Network Analysis for Global Software Engineering: Exploring relationships from a fine-grained level

Presenters: Nicole Novielli (University of Bari, Italy) and Sabrina Marczak (PUCRS University, Brazil)

August 26, Half day Tutorial

Software development is an inherently collaborative activity in which social relationships among those involved throughout the life cycle are paramount for achieving the project goals. For instance, communication with, awareness of, and trust in others are relevant and necessary to facilitate collaboration. The identification of social relationships and their patterns can help us to better understand the dynamics of a project team. This understanding is crucial when working in a global setting where members have to virtually establish relationships and collaborate with remote colleagues. Social network analysis allow us to reveal relationship patterns in a fine-grained level. This tutorial will provide theory on social network analysis i.e. basic concepts and measures as well as will discuss their application in global software engineering. The tutorial is suitable for anyone interested in global software development and the social relationships established among distributed software teams. Attendees will be able to practice some of the presented concepts and measures on a dataset from a real distributed software project.


T2: Success with Distributed Engineering Teams – Lessons from Industry

Presenter: Christof Ebert (Vector, Germany)

August 27, Half day Tutorial as part of the Industry Day

Successfully managing distributed projects on an industry scale has rapidly become a key competence for any engineering manager. Challenges vary, be it distributed teams and collaboration technologies, handling cultural diversity and multisite projects, optimizing outsourcing and offshoring capacities, or managing suppliers. The vast majority of global activities do not deliver to targets and half of them fail. The diversity of cultures, suppliers and products require dedicated techniques, tools, and practices to overcome challenges. This tutorial summarizes experiences and guidance from industry in a way to help knowledge and technology transfer. It looks to processes and approaches for successfully handling global software development and outsourcing and offers many practical hints and concrete explanations to make distributed teams and projects a success. Session attendees can raise specific questions from industry practice or academic research to get first-hand insight into GSE state of practice as well as new thoughts and trends that will shape the future.


Tutorial Chairs


Maria Paasivaara
Aalto University. Finland
maria.Paasivaara AT
Xin Peng
Fudan University, China
pengxin AT