The main research domain of this proposal is Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), a multi-disciplinary field emerged in the 80s and boosted in the recent years by the rise of the Social Web. The expected output of this research will produce an advancement of the state of the art for some of the disciplines which guide and contribute to CSCW and in which the team members have a strong research expertise:

  • novel contribution in Human-Computer Interaction will consist of new empirically driven guidelines on how to improve emotional interface design for enhancing user experience and engagement;
  • novel contributions in Software Engineering will consist of new insights on the use of Stack Overflow for knowledge sharing in software development. We will provide new guidelines and develop tools to embed emotional intelligence into effective online community management, to support users and moderators of Q&A sites;
  • novel contribution in Linguistics will consist of new models about emotion and sentiment expression through language, upon which to build new affect recognition techniques and sentiment analysis tools;
  • novel contribution in Psychology will consist of new theories and models on social expression of emotion, upon which to build new analysis techniques for psycholinguistic research on emotion, trust building and empathy in complex interactions among individual and groups, with focus on social media.