Mercoledì 6 febbraio in Aula Hume alle 12.00 la prof.ssa Sabrina Marczak, PUCRS University (Brazil), terrà un seminario dal titolo “Requirements-driven Collaboration – A framework and patterns from a case study”

Requirements Engineering (RE) is an area filled with challenges of a non-technical nature. RE involves activities such as negotiation, analysis and requirements management in subsequent phases of development. It also requires communication from the elicitation phase down to the analysis, implementation and test phases. As such, it involves collaboration among large, often geographically distributed cross-functional teams comprised of requirements analysts, software architects, developers, and testers. To study such collaboration, named requirements-driven collaboration, we defined an approach that uses concepts and techniques from social network analysis. In this talk I will present the motivation to study requirements-driven collaboration, the approach proposed, and discuss some patterns identified in a case study of a multinational company.
Sabrina Marczak is an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science School at the PUCRS University, Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she acts as a researcher collaborator of the Munddos Research Group. She holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, Canada. Her research area is collaborative software engineering, and in particular geographically distributed software development. More specifically her areas of interest include (1) requirements-driven collaboration, (2) collaboration practices and issues in distributed teams, (3) soft aspects of global software development such as communication and trust, (4) adoption of technology to support effective collaboration among distributed teams, (5) process improvement, and (6) empirical software engineering. She is currently the coordinator of the Dell/PUCRS Research Agreement where she leads a research project on global project performance. In the recent past, she has worked at the Research Technology Agency of the PUCRS Technology Park (Tecnopuc) negotiating research projects with prospective IT companies.

La presentazione è visibile su Slideshare.

Seminario prof. Sabrina Marczak
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