Ho letto un divertente e instruttivo post sulla storia dell’informatica. L’ha scritto un famoso collega, Bertrand Meyer (Design by Contract, linguaggio Eiffel).

At the start there was Alan. He was the best of all: built the right math model (years ahead of the real thing in any shape, color or form); was able to prove that no one among us can know for sure if his or her loops — or their code as a whole — will ever stop; got to crack the Nazis’ codes; and in so doing kind of saved the world. …

Tra i grandi informatici c’è Vic, il mio mentore. Provate a indovinare chi si cela dietro gli altri nomi di battesimo.

Buona lettura.
The story of our field, in a few short words

La storia in un post
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