La notizia che risale al 7 aprile annuncia il supporto al linguaggio Java sul Google App Engine.
Il Google App Engine permette di eseguire le proprie applicazioni web sui server Google, gratuitamente, con ovvi vantaggi derivanti dalla qualità e scalabilità dei server Google e dal fatto che non occorra manutenerli personalmente.

App Engine now supports the standards that make Java tooling great. (We’re working on the tooling too, with Google Plugin for Eclipse). It provides the current App Engine API’s and wraps them with standards where relevant, like the Java Servlet API, JDO and JPA, javax.cache, and javax.mail. It also provides a secure sandbox that’s powerful enough to run your code safely on Google’s servers, while being flexible enough for you to break abstractions at will.

The team has also been working on many other improvements to App Engine, which we’re really excited to launch to you as well:

* Access to firewalled data: grant policy-controlled access to your data behind the firewall.
* Cron support: schedule tasks like report generation or DB clean-up at an interval of your choosing.
* Database import: move GBs of data easily into your App Engine app. Matching export capabilities are coming soon, hopefully within a month.

Google App Engine supporta Java
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