Pasquale(!) mi ha segnalato questo articolo interessante riguardo come le pratiche agili, male implementate, stiano provocando cattiva fama nell’industria (quale non si sa). A parte i riferimenti inesistenti, alcune osservazioni confermano la mia esperienza limitata:

These teams say they’re Agile, but they’re just planning (and replanning) frequently. Short cycles and the ability to re-plan are the benefit that Agile gives you. It’s the reward, not the method. […] By leaving out all the other stuff–the stuff that’s really Agile–they’re setting themselves up for rotten teeth, an oversized waistline, and ultimate failure. They feel good now, but it won’t last.

So, unfortunately, a lot of self-described Agile projects are going to fail. They’re failing right now. And eventually Agile will take the blame, and it will pass, as all fads eventually do.

Per il resto, si vedrà. Dopotutto ancora non ho iniziato di persona 😛

Scrivere un titolo non è così difficile
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