Ho letto un’interessante intervista a Tim Berners Lee.. che parla un pò del Web… del suo passato del suo futuro…

riporto un pezzettino…

IDG: Some people like Nova Spivak and Microsoft’s cofounder Paul Allen work with a timeline that envisions the arriving of Web 3.0 by 2010 and a future Web 4.0 by 2020. Can you imagine what this Web 4.0 is supposed to be?

Berners-Lee: (Laughs) No, I don’t do that. I think about real technology. I didn’t invent the term “Web 3.0.” The Web is constantly developing. If you want to see what’s happening that I am interested in now, there are several technologies laced together. In Web 2.0 there are some technologies like JavaScript and others that are all standards that came out of allowing people to do things. Most standards are coming out now that will have a good push towards the mobile Web initiative, which is the use of the Web on lots of different devices.

il link alla intervista completa è qui

The future of the Web as seen by its creator

2 thoughts on “The future of the Web as seen by its creator

  • 18 July 2007 at 02:09

    Un po’ di tempo fa TBL fu sprezzante con il termine Web 2.0. Qui mi sembra che non solo l’ha digerito ma che anche il successore, Web 3.0, non gli dispiaccia tanto.


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