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As I wrote in my preliminary post about FaceTag, this project is actually quite unique in its kind.I think about it as a sort of bridge between emergent and traditional classification tools. A mixed sauce that aims to smoothen both the limits of controlled vocabularies and of plain folksonomies.

The feedback that we got at the EuroIA was quite positive. I saw a lot of people interested, asking about further developments and the possibility to play with the tool.

This morning we published the slides that we used at the EuroIA and the revised paper with screenshots embedded. You are encouraged to download them and to let us know your comments, critics and suggestions.

We are no more the only ones with a similar vision in mind: Marti Hearst should be working on something related and I’m pleased to notice that librarians are evaluating similar approaches as well, comparing ontologies and thesauries to folksonomies. Have a look at the abstracts for the SIG/CR Workshop in Texas or to the call for papers for the next ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

It’s a little bit sad admitting that librarians are quickly catching up while information architects are still discussing about the usefulness of folksonomies.

I’m more for a pragmatical approach. That’s why we proposed a tool, not only a paper. That same tool is now in alpha and it will be soon opened to information architects to test its usefulness for their everyday tasks.

per me molto interessante…non so per voi;)

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  • 26 October 2006 at 01:44

    Interessante. Suppongo ti sia scaricato e letto il papero. Ne riparleremo quando discuteremo degli scenari.


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