da rashmi-sinha:

The process of sharing slides is broken. It goes from my hard drive to yours via email. Or if I put it online, its in a clunky format like pdf or Powerpoint that you need to download.

Slideshare solves that problem. It webifies your slides – it makes the experience of viewing them, sharing them with individuals or groups smooth and seamless. You can upload your slides from Powerpoint or OpenOffice (Keynote users will have to save in Powerpoint format for the time being) and Slideshare will render them like this here. You can tag, comment and most of all embed your presentations into your blog or website like this one below.

per adesso è ancora “invite only” ma gli inviti si possono chiedere formalmente…


Condividere le presentazioni sul web

3 thoughts on “Condividere le presentazioni sul web

  • 6 October 2006 at 20:10

    ahimè invece x te il solito commento INutile:P

  • 6 October 2006 at 21:21

    non so se mi leggo il blog per le notizie o per voi due che giocate :D:D:D

    (o mio che mi accodo 😛 )

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