Affrettatevi, la data di inzio per l’application √® il 1^ Maggio.

“The Summer of Code is officially on again this year. As of today,
we’re taking in applications from mentoring organizations, so watch
that list of mentoring organizations grow! Then, starting May 1st, we’ll start taking student applications.
We’ve prepared two FAQs, one for Mentors and one for Students. We’ve also have created an IRC channel and Google Group for you. The website for the Summer of Code can be found at

Controllate la F.A.Q per i termini di idoneità:

In order to participate in the program, you must be a student. Google defines a
student as an individual enrolled in or accepted into an accredited institution
including but not necessarily limited to colleges, universities, masters
programs, PhD programs and undergraduate programs. You should be prepared, upon
request, to provide Google with transcripts from your accredited institution as
proof of enrollment or admission status. You may be enrolled as a full-time or
part-time student. You must also be eligible to work in the country in which
you’ll reside throughout the duration of the program, e.g. if you are in the
United States on an F-1 visa, you are welcome to apply to Summer of Code as long
as you have U.S. work authorization.

Google employees, interns, contractors, family members, or citizens of Iran,
Cuba, Sudan, North Korea and Myanmar (Burma), with whom we are prohibited by U.S. law from
engaging in commerce, are ineligible to participate. Mentoring organizations
that are taking part in Summer of Code 2006 may add additional controls on which
students may participate in the program under their auspices.


Summer of Code 2006

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