Krugle è un motore di ricerca specifico per il codice sorgente.

Unlike conventional search engines, Krugle is designed to locate
code. Krugle supports code search by crawling, parsing and indexing code found in all open source repositories, as well as code that exists in archives, mailing lists, blogs, and web pages. And Krugle makes navigating code repositories easy. For example, you can quickly navigate downward  (from “Apache” to “Tomcat”), or start with a single source file and then view it’s relationship to another file, to see how it’s used. This ability to interactively browse and explore code in a meaningful context provides a more informed view and reduces the time required to make good code decisions.

Krugle also automatically generates API reports which clearly explain how one code
component integrates with other components by showing a list of calls in a particular program. Today API documentation is a laborious process, done only after careful study of the entire code module.

krugle’s role

While the development world has changed, the tools that developers use haven’t kept up. Developers spend from 20-25 percent of their time looking for code and code related information – a frustrating situation for programmers, and an expensive problem for companies.

Current search engines are okay for finding web pages, but they don’t crawl or find source code, whether in open repositories or within source code control systems (SCCS). They also don’t leverage the inherent structure of code to support the types of searches programmers need.

krugle vision

Krugle answers the need for a single place to find relevant code and critical technical information. By making it easy for anyone to find, elevate and communicate, Krugle fills a critical gap in todays technology rich environment.

La demo visionata sembra interessante. Dopo avere perso le speranze di riceve la mail di invito ad usare la versione beta, non resta che
aspettare il prox rilascio della versione definitiva del servizio….
link: Krugle demo

Krugle – il Google del codice?

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