Cosa fanno gli informatici per Haiti

Questa volta sono le applicazioni sw al centro degli interventi. Da InformationWeek:

They might not be able to pick up rubble and carry away bodies, but software developers and tech-savvy individuals around the world are beginning to organize to help with the Haiti relief effort.
Among those taking the lead is a grassroots effort called the CrisisCommons, which hosted several hastily organized events last weekend in several cities where developers and others came together to, among other things, layer current information on collaborative maps of Haiti and develop a Craigslist-style online exchange to identify and solve relief needs on the ground.

The goal, CrisisCommons co-founder Noel Dickover said in an interview, is to provide NGOs and others in Haiti with better information and improved situational awareness with help from a volunteer army of geeks. “We can have a real impact as NGOs get on the ground,” he said. “If we can improve situational awareness and information sharing, we can help NGOs have better performance across the board.”

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La corsa alla ricostruzione della Rete di Haiti

da IEEE Spectrum:

With thousands of doctors, nurses, aid workers and troops descending on Port-au-Prince in the last week to join more than 800 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) already there, reporters on the ground have observed that the damage done to the telecommunications infrastructure is hampering coordination efforts. But in an ironic twist, it turns out that Haiti’s Internet connectivity is robust precisely because its telecommunications infrastructure is so underdeveloped.

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