Visual Studio Research Tools

After one year and a half since the SEIF 2011 Award, SocialTFS (here renamed as “Social for TFS”) is now listed among the Visual Studio Research Tools:

Social for Team Foundation Server (Social for TFS) is a community add-on for Visual Studio to aggregate teammates’ content from various social sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, into the developer’s workspace. Social for TFS is developed in C# and available under MPL license.


SEIF 2011 award

Dopo l’IBM Eclipse Innovation Award 2006 e l’IBM Faculty Award 2008, il Collab aggiunge un nuovo successo: il Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF) Award 2011 per un progetto annuale dal titolo: Augmenting Social Awareness in a Collaborative Development Environment.

As we stated in the email announcing the award decision, out of the many proposals we received this year, yours was one of the best. We look forward to learning more about your project in the coming months.

Questa volta il benefattore è Microsoft Research. Il grant non è tantissimo, l’equivalente di una borsa di studio annuale, ma di questi tempi riuscire a finanziarsi la propria ricerca è diventato veramente difficile. Il 14 aprile ci sarà una premiazione ufficiale al Software Summit di Parigi.