Preliminary Program – April 5th 2018

08:30‑09:30 Registration desk open
09:30‑10:30 Plenary keynote
(All AISB delegates)
10:30‑11:00 Coffee break
11:00‑11:15 Opening
Symposium organizers
11:15‑12:30 Technical session

  • Music Emotion Capture: sonifying emotions in EEG data
    George Langroudi, Anna Jordanous and Ling Li
    University of Kent, UK
  • Associating Colours with Emotion Detection in Social Media Tweets
    Robert Harvey, Andrew Muncey and Neil Vaughan
    University of Chester, UK
  • The lexicon of feeling offended
    Francesca D’Errico and Isabella Poggi
    University of Roma Tre, Italy
12:30‑13:30 Lunch
13:30‑14:30 Invited talk
Twits, Twats and Twaddle. Analysis of hate speech towards politicians in the GATE social media toolkit.

Diana Maynard
University of Sheffield, UKAbstract: Recent events have shown that poltical outcomes such as elections can be significantly influenced by social media. Tools for collecting, monitoring and interpreting the discussions on social media, as well as better understanding of the ways in which different messages should be portrayed for maximum impact, are thus in high demand. In this talk, I will introduce the GATE social media toolkit, which provides the whole lifecycle of social media analysis, from twitter collection to analysis and finally indexing, querying and visualisation of results. I will focus particularly on a case study involving detection of hate speech against UK politicians on Twitter, demonstrating how the core sentiment analysis tools were adapted for the task, and how the toolkit was used to understand the nature of abusive comments, as well as providing insights into how the abuse has changed over the last few years.
14:30‑14:40 10′ break
14:40‑15:00 Technical session

  • An experiment with an off-the-shelf tool to identify emotions in students’ self-reported accounts
    Lubna Alharbi, Floriana Grasso and Phil Jimmieson
    University of Liverpool, UK
15:00‑15:30 Tea break
15:30‑15:50 Technical session

  • Prosocial words in social media discussions on hosting immigrants. Insights for psychological and computational field
    Francesca D’Errico, Marinella Paciello and Matteo Amadei
    University of Roma Tre, Italy; Uninettuno, Italy
15:50‑16:50 Invited talk
The role of a virtual body in modeling emotions for Social Media and Online Interaction: The BodyPass project

Pietro Cipresso
University of Milan ‘Sacro Cuore’, Italy
16:50‑17:00 Closing

  • Summary of discussion and feedback