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Google ha finalmente aggiunto il supporto alle presentazioni nella propria suite Google Docs, facendo così un altro passo verso il chiacchierato Google Office.



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Google finally rounds out their web-based office suite with the addition of a Presentations to Google Docs.
Create a whole new slideshow in Presentations or upload an existing
PowerPoint file to get started. Kick your web-based presentation into
slideshow view mode and invite others to see it real-time as you move
through slides—with chat built right into the sidebar. Make the
slideshow public or invite specific collaborators to edit and/or view.

fonte: lifehacker

Google Docs aggiunge il supporto alle presentazioni

2 thoughts on “Google Docs aggiunge il supporto alle presentazioni

  • 25 September 2007 at 08:21

    Si ma non si possono esportare!

  • 28 September 2007 at 19:20

    La cosa stupenda sono le api x google web toolkit 😉 L’esportazione a breve arriva non dubitate 😉 w bigG


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