Preliminary Program – April 5th 2018

08:30‑09:30 Registration desk open
09:30‑10:30 Plenary keynote
(All AISB delegates)
10:30‑11:00 Coffee break
11:00‑11:15 Opening
Symposium organizers
11:15‑12:30 Technical session

  • Music Emotion Capture: sonifying emotions in EEG data
    George Langroudi, Anna Jordanous and Ling Li
    University of Kent, UK
  • Associating Colours with Emotion Detection in Social Media Tweets
    Robert Harvey, Andrew Muncey and Neil Vaughan
    University of Chester, UK
  • The lexicon of feeling offended
    Francesca D’Errico and Isabella Poggi
    University of Roma Tre, Italy
12:30‑13:30 Lunch
13:30‑14:30 Invited talk
Analysis of hate speech in the GATE social media toolkit

Diana Maynard
University of Sheffield, UK
14:30‑14:40 10′ break
14:40‑15:00 Technical session

  • An experiment with an off-the-shelf tool to identify emotions in students’ self-reported accounts
    Lubna Alharbi, Floriana Grasso and Phil Jimmieson
    University of Liverpool, UK
15:00‑15:30 Tea break
15:30‑15:50 Technical session

  • Prosocial words in social media discussions on hosting immigrants. Insights for psychological and computational field
    Francesca D’Errico, Marinella Paciello and Matteo Amadei
    University of Roma Tre, Italy; Uninettuno, Italy
15:50‑16:50 Invited talk
Title: “The role of a virtual body in modeling emotions for Social Media and Online Interaction: The BodyPass project”

Pietro Cipresso
University of Milan ‘Sacro Cuore’, Italy
16:50‑17:00 Closing

  • Summary of discussion and feedback